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The book has a Glossary with details on all the characters and places Petra encounters (she calls it The Everything List and What It All Means). We’d like to introduce you to a few of them:


In Petra Volare’s World

In Traditional (Greek) Myth


An exalted figure of the ruling family who influences Petra Volare in a most astonishing, life-changing way.

The daughter of King Minos of Crete, and queen Pasiphaë. She aided Theseus in overcoming the Minotaur, and later was the bride of the god Dionysus.


Eleven-year-old daughter of Naucrate and Daedalus. Icarus’s sister. Small for her age but with big dreams, she is a budding inventor who renamed herself from Calice to Petra Volare providing her an alias that serves as cover when she steps out of the shadows and into a life of learning and adventure.

No character by this name in Greek mythology.  “Petra” in Greek means mother rock; Volare means in Italian to fly, to soar.


The brother and father that Petra Volare has always wanted to know but has never been allowed to even speak to or meet, and who become both nemesis and catalyst to her discovering her true destiny.

Icarus was the Boy Who Flew Too Close to the Sun and fell into the sea because the wax of his wings melted. Daedalus was the inventor of the wings, which were meant to help his son Icarus and himself to escape the prison of the Labyrinth on the island of Crete.

PHOENICIA An herbalist, beekeeper, and Truth Keeper who is much more than just an old wise woman, and who helps Petra learn how to use dreams to fulfill her destiny.

No character by this name in Greek mythology.


Where the invisible Calice spent her days and learned all she could in the shadows, until the day she ventured beyond the walls as Petra Volare.

The ancient Palace at Knossos on Crete. Rather like a modern-day shopping mall, it spanned 5 acres and the design of the 1300 connected rooms had a maze-like quality. It had running water and the first-ever flush toilets.

Where Petra Volare discovers a world beyond anything that even her very active imagination could produce, and a place where her most astonishing destiny is revealed.

Numerous caves have been found to be ancient sanctuaries throughout the island of Crete.

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