About the Creators

Reece MichaelsonREECE MICHAELSON, Author

As a kid, when she wasn’t creating a notation system for the songs she wrote, riding her unicycle or trying to set world records in numbers of pogos on her pogo stick, Reece’s favorite activity was reading, and her second home was the library. There, her favorite people were Pippi Longstocking, Alvin Fernald Boy Inventor, and Encyclopedia Brown, and she spent most of her free time reading mysteries or books on how to decode secret languages. At Hartwick College she studied intriguing things like geology and Russian, and travelled through Europe and Sweden. Then she studied musical theatre writing at New York University and got to study with amazingly talented people from Broadway and the movies. Eventually she picked up fun hobbies like rock hunting and studying mineralogy, and along the way got to work at cool jobs like teaching at a 17th Century Dutch castle, co-conceiving a science fiction tv show pilot with the superb world creator Rockne S. O’Bannon, co-writing a success principles book (“Your Success GPS”) with former VOLVO North America CEO Anne Bélec, and collaborating with renowned mythologist Pamela Jaye Smith. Reece has spectacular nieces and nephews, and a tribe of endlessly fascinating friends. She is a champion of creativity in all its manifestations.

For more information on Reece visit her website: www.reecemichaelson.com

Pamela Jaye SmithPAMELA JAYE SMITH, Author

A mythologist by inclination and profession, Pamela Jaye Smith grew up on a cattle ranch on the wide empty spaces of the Texas plains. Her family had an excellent library of classic literature and music so she was early on exposed to mythology and was captivated by the convoluted adventures that rather resembled the family sagas of her small town. After graduation from UT Austin with a degree in English, Latin and Film, Pamela moved to Hollywood. She has worked at major movie studios and on wildly independent projects and has traveled the world doing feature films, TV series, commercials, music videos, and documentaries. Pamela has eight years formal study in Comparative Mysticism and is a certified teacher of the Mystery Schools. She is an international speaker/consultant and the author of four books for media makers: Inner Drives, Power of the Dark Side, Symbols. Images. Codes, and Beyond the Hero’s Journey. Pamela is founder of MYTHWORKS and co-founder of the Alpha Babe Academy.

Visit her Mythworks website: www.mythworks.net/


GAIL JORDEN, Cover Art Artist

Born in rural Wisconsin and raised in Southern California, Gail fell in love with nature, science, Disneyland, movies and art museums. Art studies and a BFA at Arizona State University eventually followed. Drawing, painting, soft fiber sculpture and jewelry skills led to art sales, a museum purchase prize and awards for her work. Her art career opened doors into the film industry, building props, designing sets and art direction for all kinds of film and video projects. Today, Gail produces digital media and content for Q&A Productions while feeding her hands-on creative side with freelance designs for jewelry, residential interiors and wonderful graphic design projects like the book cover for “The Journals of Petra Volare.” The imagery for the Petra Volare cover comes from a deep interest in and ongoing study of concepts and symbols from a wide range of myths, religions and mystical traditions.



MARISSA MACKEY, Inventor Sketches Artist

“I am a scenic artist and illustrator from Southern California. I draw inspiration from fairytales and mythology, as well as nature in its purest form. My hope is to share the little things that bring me joy and, if possible, to infuse some fantasy into everyday life.”




We encourage people to excerpt written material for non-commercial use, and request that you do so responsibly by contacting us for permissions at info@petravolare.com and include the following information:

  1. Specific excerpt(s)
  2. Who you are (e.g., media, student, teacher) and your contact information
  3. How you intend to use the material (e.g., for article, for school report, distribution for educational purposes only, etc.)

For permissions regarding the art, please contact the artists directly.

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